Vocational training on communication and teaching approaches for autistic pupils

The Erasmus+ project Train-ASD empowers specialist teachers and other professionals to support the effective inclusion of children on the autism spectrum in education by providing them with vocational training on alternative systems of communication.

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Training childminders for inclusion

Running from 2018 to 2021, ChildIN is an Erasmus+ project aimed at providing specific blended training for childminders on autism to support the effective inclusion of autistic children in France, Portugal, and Poland.

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The Autism Spectrum Disorder-Empowering and Supporting Teachers

The ASD-EAST project focuses on empowering specialist educators in Central/Eastern/Balkan settings to support effective inclusion of children on the autism spectrum in education.

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Young Mediators for Inclusion

The YMI project promotes the participation of autistic children and young people in activities developed by community structures, on equal terms with their peers, thanks to the support of “young mediators” to foster social inclusion.

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IPA+ Project

Inclusion of people on the autism spectrum in Europe. Towards a specialised training model for professionals

The IPA+ project aims to develop a basic training of reference for all professionals working with people on the autism spectrum – independently of their area of knowledge – which responds to the aforementioned gaps, the demands of the society in general and of this group of population and their families.

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Mind Inclusion 2.0

Mind Inclusion 2.0 aims to foster the competencies of educators of intellectually disabled people across Europe to promote the participative co-creation and use of an innovative online tool (a web platform) supported by the definition of a solid facilitation methodology which will contribute to the sustainable and inclusive involvement of disabled people in the society.

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