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Improving school transition

This Erasmus+ project aims at decreasing difficulties that students on the autism spectrum face, specifically during the transition from primary to secondary school, in order to tackle early school leaving and disadvantage. Funded by the European Commission, the outputs of this project target both teachers, and autistic students and their peers in order to implement prevention measures and reduce risks of social exclusion, school failure, and school dropout.

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IPA2 partners support the second stage of the “I can LEARN. I can WORK.” campaign

On World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), partners of the IPA2 project participated in the second stage of Autism-Europe’s awareness raising campaign, “I can learn. I can work”. The campaign aims to inform and raise awareness on access to education and employment for people on the autism spectrum, even during the pandemic and its containment measures. IPA2 partners shared pictures of themselves performing the campaign “holding a tool” gesture as a way of showing the diversity [...]

IPA2 partners share project’s good progress at the third transnational meeting

On December 17, 14 partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Serbia and Belgium participated in the third transnational meeting of the IPA2 project to assess the project’s progress as well as to ensure its viability and success. The meeting, that was supposed to be hosted by project partner SocialIT in Italy, was held online via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After a welcome and introduction, project coordinator Polibienestar confirms the approval of the project extension requested [...]

IPA2 partners survey education professionals to validate curriculum and training modules

Throughout the autumn of 2020, IPA2 partners surveyed education professionals in Spain, Portugal and Serbia to validate curricular content for a training course on improving scholar transitions from primary to secondary school for autistic students. The results of the survey provided insight into the types of knowledge and training teachers would benefit from. Over 75% of respondents placed very high importance on training for teachers focused on improving the transition of autistic students from primary to secondary [...]

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