The IPA2 project will develop and pilot an online training course, and a e-learning platform for teachers developed by a co-created methodology involving end-users to identify their curricular and training requirements.

The IPA2 e-learning platform will be an online space for teachers and professionals working in the educational field with people on the autism spectrum to learn, interact and share their insights. The online platform will contain information about the project, host learning modules and connect participants through dedicated discussion forums. In order to improve relationships between autistic students and their teachers and classmates, guidelines and videos will be also produced for a more inclusive, emphatic and supportive school environment.

The learning modules will be organised as a course catalogue and each module will be composed of lessons. The lessons will contain an introduction to the topic, a video explanation, a related document and a final quiz so participants can test their knowledge.

A dedicated space on the platform will be reserved for “CALL FOR IDEAS”, where participants will be free to propose a new topic not addressed yet within the IPA2 platform. Participants will be able to vote for proposed topics they find relevant and interesting and engage in discussions about the content. This space aims to foster exchanges of experience in the field of autism to build a solid network of stakeholders interested in the topic. The e-learning platform will be launched in 2021.

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